Antique African Tribal Lobi Wood Carved Man Stool from Burkina Faso

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Antique  Lobi Tribal Carved Wood Stool from Burkina Faso. This Lobi stool is carved from single block of wood. This stool is aged beautifully by use and exposure. The Lobi produce stools for both everyday use and as prestige items. Although this stool may appear to be of simple design, the practice of woodcarving is dangerous and requires the protection from spirits that may be angered by cutting a tree. Stools were a prized personal possession of prestige and social status.

Moreover, stools become associated with the spirit of their owner and after the owner's death are placed in a shrine as a means of communication between generations.

Please refer to pictures for a better description of condition and measurements. If you have any questions please message me :)